Put sanctuary De Zonnegloed vzw in your will

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed is a non-profit organisation and doesn’t receive any subsidies for its work. Because of this we’re completely dependent on visitors, donations, adoptions, wills, …


You give to the ones your love. Even if you’re not around anymore. You can continue to help animals by putting sanctuary De Zonnegloed in your will. By doing this, you are investing in their future.

- Rescuing animals which are severely neglected and can’t go back to nature.
- Helping with the medical care, the appropriate nutrition, …
- Helping by offering them a new home, a new future for the rest of their lives.
- Because of your help, they can recover physically and mentally and spent their life with conspecifics.

It’s because of this proceeds from inheritances are of fundamentally importance to sanctuary De Zonnegloed.

To help animals in need and to give them what they deserve after a life of suffering, we need your generosity. Your generosity makes the difference between life and death and it supports us to fulfil our task as a Sanctuary.


Nicolle has put sanctuary De Zonnegloed in her will.

I was moved by the devotion of sanctuary De Zonnegloed. If you want to leave something to good, De Zonnegloed is definitely a cause which deserves it.



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We will send you all the necessary documents to change your will to support the animals. Or call us on 057/40 18 56.