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Common genet Genetta genetta

Animals in our sanctuary

Date taken in

Kanu was confiscated from a private owner. The animal was severely abused and found its way to Stichting AAP. De Zonnegloed was able to give Kanu a new life together with Tikeya, another Genet cat from NHC Opglabeek. They are now doing very well together.

Where does he feel most at home?

The common genet lives in quiet areas, far away from humans. He prefers woods, in close proximity to water streams and rocky terrain grown with bushes.

What's his favourite food?

They are omnivores and live on a varied diet. They prefer small rodents like mice, but will eat birds, reptiles or insects as well. Now and then the common genet will eat berries or other fruits.

Fun fact

The common genet is very quick, flexible, and can move very gracefully. They can easily jump from branch to branch. They can also jump with ease, despite their short legs, up to 2 meters high.

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