Animal welfare is still a difficult subject. Many exotic and native animals don't lead a dignified life and often human dealings stand at the source - illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation by entertainment or research. A lot of these animals used to live in dire situations and at vzw De Zonnegloed we improve the welfare of these animals. We give them a place to catch their breath. Often these animals were terrible mistreated or neglected. At De Zonnegloed they receive the professional care they need.

Animal shelter – sanctuary De Zonnegloed takes care of the animals that cannot return to nature. Almost all animals present at De Zonnegloed came from other animal shelters or wild life rescue centres. Those animals were severely neglected and retrieved from shady animal parks, circuses, traders or individuals. The animals need professional care and love: appropriate nutrition, a proper enclosure, medical care and attention. Vzw De Zonnegloed offers these animals a new life.



A place where animals find a new home and a chance to be adopted is called a sanctuary. It’s a safe haven, a warm home. De Zonnegloed is unique in Europe in the manner it grows its animal population; by saving them.