Be the difference between life and death for wild animals in need

Animals that can’t go back to nature need a new and warm home for the rest of their lives.

We really need your support. Sanctuary De Zonnegloed is a recognised European animal shelter and doesn’t receive any subsidies for what they do. We care for neglected / mistreated / abandoned / confiscated wild animals which can’t go back to nature. We give them a permanent home with appropriate food, medical care, accommodations and lots of love.

Every cent you give, is valued and will be spent well – Thank you!

Worldwide deforestation and the trade in bush meat is endangering wild animals. Because of this many species are considered endangered. Animal trade with exotic animals often leads to negligence and suffering.


How you can help


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Adopt an animal



Help animals in need.  Give them hope after a life of suffering.


Free contributions:
Bank details: BE58 7390 1329 6879
vzw De Zonnegloed - Kasteelweg 22 - 8640 Oostvleteren


Grant these amazing animals a new and fantastic home!