Adopt an animal

The animals staying at sanctuary De Zonnegloed need expert and loving care: food, appropriate accommodation, medical care and, above all, lots of attention. As a token adopter, you and others take financial care of one of the animals from our sanctuary.


What do you get in return?

► A certificate of your adopted animal with its story and photo.
► Our digital newsletter about the ups and downs of the animals (in Dutch).
► Name entry on our website and in the park.


Caring for a brown bear obviously costs more than caring for a leopard gecko.
Therefore, we have divided our animals into 5 groups (€50/year - €100/year - €150/year - €250/year - €500/year)


Choose one of our animals below and follow the steps.

50 € / Year

100 € / Year

150 € / Year

250 € / Year

500 € / Year