A warm home for anilmals in need.

First Wild Animal Sanctuary in Belgium

Providing lifelong shelter to those who are most vulnerable and least resilient. To wild animals that were abandoned, dumped, abused or humiliated. To wild animals who have gone through the greatest misery and cannot return to nature for various reasons.

At our sanctuary, they can recover and grow, live with conspecifics, get a bright future and a new and worthy life again. We were given this world with everything on it to care for, including the most vulnerable and least resilient.

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Discover our more than 400 rescued animals.

Our Wild Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation and currently provides permanent shelter to more than 400 native and exotic rescued wild animals, 135 species.

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All visits to sanctuary De Zonnegloed must be booked in advance through our website.

Animal welfare is one of the most important elements here at sanctuary De Zonnegloed. Our animal enclosures are not freely accessible. A constant coming and going of visitors would disturb some of our animals which are still recovering. Therefore, we are open on a limited basis and only allow half-day visits. To give our animals the necessary rest during the day, we close the shelter at noon for an hour.

As we have limited parking spaces, it is necessary that the number of parking spaces required must be co-booked in advance.
This makes it compulsory to book your visit and parking in advance via the site.

On average, the walk takes 2h30. Our half-day slots are 3h30, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your visit.

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 Karel Ackaert

Lieve De Busscher



At De Zonnegloed : 


saved animals found a new home


species live back with their conspecifics


of freedom for abused animals


number of big steps on the walking route


number of small steps on the walking route

2h30 à 3h

walking time required



Recognised by various agencies and governments.

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EARS / European Alliance of Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries    -    Cites / Federale Overheidsdienst CITES    -    Favv / als BALAI-approved institution    -    by the Vlaamse overheid Departement omgeving Dienst beleid Dierenwelzijn   -    Erkend als goed doelen organisatie    -    Animal care monitoring.
Despite all these recognitions and regulations, De Zonnelgoed vzw receives no subsidies..