Wild animal sanctuary

De Zonnegloed is a permanent animal shelter for exotic and native wildlife. After a lifetime of suffering, these animals receive the necessary care to recover and lead a healthy and happy life.


Where do the animals who are shelters by us come from?

  • Dumped in nature
  • From temporary animal shelters
  • Seizure in case of illicit trafficking
  • Seizures at laboratories
  • Bankruptcy zoos
  • Confiscation at circus
  • From private owner as a pet


Animal Sanctuary - A facility that rescues and provides shelter and care for animals that have been abused, injured, abandoned or are otherwise in need, where the welfare of each individual animal is the primary consideration in all sanctuary actions. In addition, the facility should enforce a non-breeding policy and should replace animals only by way of rescue, confiscation or donation.
- EU Zoos Directive -