Schools & Youth Groups

An amazing day out for every group. Combine an educational outing with fun activities.

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed vzw is an animal sanctuary for more than 135 different kinds of animals. You can find tufted capuchins, barbary apes, bears, raccoons and many more!

Every year sanctuary De Zonnegloed educates thousands of visitors about the well-being and protection of exotic animals. A focus lies on the problems accompanied by keeping animals captive and how De Zonnegloed works with and cares for these animals.

A visit to De Zonnegloed helps young people to take on a positive attitude towards animals and an understanding in the needs of those animals. De Zonnegloed is an animal shelter and sanctuary and because of this it offers a different educational experience than most zoos. Our educational team works closely with the animals and this gives them a thorough insight in every animal.

Ticket prices for groups or schools:

Kindergarten: €10 / PP
Elementary school: €10 / PP
Secondary school / youth group: €10 / PP

Youth Group: € 10 / PP



Please send an email to if you want more information or book a visit to De Zonnegloed.