Prevention, education and raising awareness

Education and awareness-raising, the key elements for the future of our nature and society...

We're advocates of a society where the welfare of animals won't be compromised. Because of our experience and cooperation with short term animal shelters like Stichting AAP, Natuurhulpcentrum (Nature Help Centre) at Opglabeek and several bird and wild animal rescue centres across our country, we have a good insight of the possible problems with housing exotic, non-domesticated animals.

These animals are traded with, exploited in the entertainment industry, used in biomedical research or held as pets in unsuitable conditions. This leads often to significant problems in the wellbeing of the animals and severe physical and emotional wounds.

Through prevention, education and raising awareness we can end this! Putting in place new laws and regulations, keeping the existing laws and raising public awareness are the most important aspects to stop animal suffering. We can keep rescuing baboons from shady animal parks, taking away raccoons from individuals or monkeys from labs, but only by tackling the problems at its root we can stop animal suffering completely.




Education about nature preservation

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw wants not only to show visitors the animals, but educate them about the animal world as well. This way we can raise awareness and understanding for the animals and nature and even eagerness to help preserve it. Education through panels is the first and most applied method at Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw. But also during the personal explanation from the caretakers or volunteers during the feeding moments will the message about nature preservation be told.

Education about animal welfare

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw wants to tell all visitors about the animals and their needs. Pets can experience fun and joy, but pain as well. If we as humans choose to interact with animals, we have the responsibility and often by law the duty to care for their welfare. This is the main message of our education at sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw. We want to inspire people to care and love for the animals, but also to act just and with respect for all people and animals. If people understand the main principles of animal welfare, they can start to understand and honour our role in improving the living conditions of all animals on this earth. Often the suffering of animals derives from misconceptions or lack of experience or understanding. Although animals often have a positive influence on people and both parties start of well together, somewhere something goes wrong. The animals end up in a shelter. Education about animal welfare wants to influence the impulse purchase of animals and to prevent the dumping of pets. Animal welfare is about the physical and emotional health of the animal. Every kept animal tries to adjust to its environment, but will feel best when held in an environment where it can show its natural behaviour and is free from stress, pain or fear. Every species has its own natural behaviour; chickens want to scavenge, cows need rest to ruminate, pigs need space and a stable group, dogs like routine and parrots need company. Nutrition, care, shelter and treatment will affect the welfare of the kept animals. The welfare of the animals depends on a good health, a stable environment (housing that’s compliant to their natural needs and behaviour) and clear arrangements about breeding and sales.