Animal Caretaker for a Day

Do you adore animals? Are you 16 years or older?
Have you been dreaming of a job as an animal caretaker?
This is your chance to experience something you’ll never forget!


Many dream of becoming an animal caretaker in a zoo or shelter, but only for a few this dream becomes a reality. This is your chance to become an animal carer for a day!


Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw offers an unique package for animal and nature lovers: Animal Caretaker for a Day. A day full of exclusive insights behind the scenes, working closely with one of the caretakers of De Zonnegloed. A memorable experience for every animal lover. You’ll not only work together with the animal caretakers, you’ll get the opportunity to tend to several animals of De Zonnegloed. You’ll get a clear view of the life of an animal caretaker and all the work involved: mucking out of the enclosures, training the animals, preparing food in a proper feeding kitchen and maybe you can even assist during the feeding moments with visitors present.



10 am Welcome to sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw and introduction to the animal caretaker
10 - 10.30 am Assisting with food preparations for the animals
10.30 - 12 am Feeding the animals together with the animal caretaker
12 am - 1 pm Lunch (not included)
1 - 2 pm Assisting with food preparations and feeding the small monkeys
2 - 3 pm Feeding the animals during feeding moments together with the animal caretaker
3 - 4 pm Caring for different animals together with the animal caretaker


You donate €200/ person/ day for this unique experience, every person added from the same family donates €180 to sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw. This will be a memorable day, a unique experience and the whole amount goes towards the work of sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw to take in and care for animals which were neglected or confiscated by giving them a new home.

All proceeds are used to support the project to save and shelter animals.



From 14 years of age, if accompanied by an adult.
If you’re 16 or older, you get the chance to experience an unique day as an animal caretaker at sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw!


‘Animal caretaker for a Day’ is possible in the weekend. 
Reservation is required.


Clothing: Easy-fitting shoes and working clothes, and depending on the weather, a raincoat.

Language: This day is only possible in Dutch or English. 

Lunch: From 12am-1pm, please bring a packed lunch. You can purchase a snack or something to drink in the shop.
Again, these proceeds go towards the shelter of neglected or confiscated wild animals which cannot return to nature.

Be aware: this day is a normal work day for the animal caretaker. This means he or she needs to be able to do his or her job. There won’t be a lot of time to take pictures.


Please note: Because it’s a hands-on experience, you’ll need to work alongside our professional animal caretakers in every possible weather condition. It requires physical effort. Please consult us if you have a medical injury or disability. This might have an influence on your experience during this day. We will do our best to adjust your day in any way possible, but our animal caretaker needs to be able to do his or her daily job unhindered.
There is no direct contact or possibility of contact (cuddling) with the animals at any time of the day.


Book on your 'Day as an Animal Caretaker'


The price for a Day as an Animal Keeper is €200 for 1 person, €380 for 2 people (2nd person at €180).

Payment method:*


It is possible to book up to 2 people/ day for ‘Animal Caretaker for a Day’. It's possible that someone else will be booked on as well if you registered for one person.

Participation is possible from the age of 16. (From the age of 14, when accompanied by an adult.)

You need to be in good physical and mental health.

Some animals are prone for human diseases. You can only participate if you have had all basic vaccinations (given to you as a child) that are recommended by a GP.

The health of our animals is our priority. Because of this your day can’t go forward if you’re sick or have a severe cold.

Because of limited space in our kitchens and service aisles, it’s not possible to bring family, friends or supervisors.

Reservations can’t be cancelled. If you’re ill, we’ll try to schedule in another day for you. Please note, you need to indicate this at least 24h before.

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed Vzw has the rights to change the program. E.g. when animals are ill or moved to a different enclosure.

It’s not permitted to take pictures behind the scenes unless agreed to by the animal caretaker(s).