Our team

Our team, a small group of people who are committed to making this sanctuary thrive.


Our sanctuary was opened in 2011 and has now about 15 permanent employees representing different professions. They all work for the well-being of our residents.

Animal Caretakers

Professionals who care for the animals on a daily basis. Cleaning the outside and indoor enclosures, preparing and distributing meals, creating enrichments, the medical follow-up of the animals... 

Technical Service

Specialists (electrician, carpenter, painter ...) in charge of maintaining buildings and green spaces, new developments ...


Whether at reception, at the entrance desk or in the shop, they all make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible!

Feel free to ask them any questions regarding ongoing activities or how to support our work as a sanctuary.

The Science departement

Monitoring animal health and welfare, organising the arrival of new animals, preparing food rations, etc.

The Administrative department

Accounting, secretarial services, communication ... So many essential elements in daily life at the park!