FAQ - Frequently asked questions



When does the park open and how can I book?

De Zonnegloed is open for visitors. Tickets can only be purchased online via our website. (Click here to make a reservation)

After making the reservation, you will receive a reservation confirmation with QR code within 24 hours at the e-mail address you provided (please be patient). The reservation e-mail may be shown on your smartphone, make sure the QR codes are visible, they will be scanned on arrival.

I have a child from 0 to 2 years old. Do I have to buy a ticket for this ?

No, children under 3 years have free entrance, but you'll need to make an online reservation.

Because we only allow a limited number of people per day, even the youngest ones need to reserve a place.

How will the tickets be scanned at the entrance to the park?

The tickets can be shown on your phone or you can print them out. We’ll scan the QR-code at our entrance.

Does a time lock need to be reserved? Yes, you can choose the part of the day you wish to come:
  • Morning: 9h00 till 12h30
  • Afternoon: 13h30 till17h00

You must arrive and leave within the given time slot.

I'm too late to book and the park already seems full, can I still come?

No, the purchase of tickets is only possible via our website. If a date is shown in red, we have reached our limited amount of visitors for that day.

No discounts or vouchers for free entry?

No, we apply one rate. We believe that there’s no difference between people, young or old, to enjoy walking through our park and seeing our wonderful animals.

Only children under 3y are allowed in for free, but a place must be reserved for them when booking.

Is it allowed to park my minivan on the parking?

Passenger cars that are not extended and have a maximum height of 2 metres can park in our car park.

Is it possible to purchase a season ticket?

No, it is not possible to purchase a season ticket.

De Zonnegloed is a wild animal sanctuary, a charity organisation and not a regular zoo. It was therefore decided to stop the commercial activity of season tickets and free tickets with adoptions as of 2022. Season tickets and free tickets in circulation will remain valid until their expiry date and until the end of the 2022 season at the latest.

Can I cancel, exchange or reschedule my tickets?

No, purchased tickets cannot be cancelled, exchanged or rescheduled. We make an exception for entry tickets (no parking tickets) if a valid certificate (obituary, doctor's certificate) is emailed to info@dezonnegloed.be at least 48 hours in advance. Please send a new date, so we can change the tickets.

The parc

Is the attic with small animals available to visit?

Yes, the attic and all other indoor spaces are open to visitors.

(The attic is only accessible by stairs and therefore not wheelchair accessible).

Are the playgrounds on the domain accessible?

Yes, all playgrounds are open.

Is there a shop?

Yes, the shop is open. There are cuddly toys, car stickers... for sale. Coffee, tea and other items are available as take-away.

Are there benches or places where you can rest for a while?

Yes, there are benches located throughout the park.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed in the park. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and the animals in the park.


Is the sanctuary wheelchair accessible?

Our trails are pressed gravel paths. This can make it challenging for wheelchair users, so some sportsmanship on the part of the attendant is required. The attic where you find the reptiles and small animals is not wheelchair accessible.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

There are two wheelchairs available at De Zonnegloed. You can make a reservation via onthaal@dezonnegloed.be or phone (0032 57 40 18 56). The cost for renting a wheelchair is €5 and a passport as a deposit is required.

Is there a parking space for persons with disabilities?

No. Since all parking spaces are located close to the entrance, we do not provide seperate parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

Is there an adapted toilet for people with disabilities?

No, there is no adapted toilet provided.